Chip Chat

After twenty-five years of chippin’, we've seen a lot of strange things. We used to keep this stuff to ourselves, but now, thanks to the Internet, we can share some of our finer moments with the world. If you would like to share a story, we would love to post it here.

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Here's what's happened recently...

Celebrity look-alike Potato Chips

We inspect chips before they get bagged – every one of them. The other day, Delores pulled out a Honey Mustard Potato chip that looked remarkably like Jay Leno.

Unfortunately, the chip passed the quality control inspection and was promptly sent down the line to be bagged. Somewhere in America, there's a bag of Dakota Style Honey Mustard Potato chips containing a Jay Leno chip.

The Leno Chip

Who knows, it could be worth a free trip to the Tonight Show!


Ex-Patriot Chips

While not unusual, we hear a lot of stories about people who have moved out of the area (meaning the area where you can throw a rock and hit someplace that sells our chips) and are in dire need of our chips.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to have our stuff shipped, but sometimes people impose on their loved ones anyway.

One of our customers from Sioux Falls says he can't go to Mankato to visit friends without a case of Original and Honey Mustard, or to Texas to visit his brother without at least three bags of Original and one Jalapeno.

We ask ourselves, have these people really found a better place to live than right here? We think not.