Big Snacks!

We've got more great snacks than you can shake a stick at! A lot of people don't realize just the kind of variety this part of the country can offer, but one advantage to life on the prairie is that you get plenty of time to think. So we think about snacks. You've gotta give these a try!

If you’re thinking "variety is the spice of life," we've got a deal for you. Visit our line of gift boxes.

Jumbo Sunflower Seeds

Dakota Style Jumbo Sunflower Seeds South Dakota used to be known as the “Sunshine State,” but then our legislators decided we should officially be known as the Mount Rushmore State.

Well, we still have plenty of sunshine – which grows some pretty humongous sunflowers. Sunflower Seeds come in three sizes: 1lb., 5.5 oz., 3 oz. and 2 oz. Give our flavored seeds a try: BBQ, Ranch and Dill Pickle (available in the 5.5 oz. size).


Sunflower Kernels

Dakota Style Sunflower Kernels Our delicious Sunflower Seeds without the hassle of the shell available in 1 lb. and 3.5 oz. bags.

Trail Corn

Dakota Style Trail Corn We took all of your favorites – Regular, Caramel, & Cheddar Cheese Popcorn – and put them all together in one bag! Available in 8 oz. or 3.5 oz. size bags.


Salad Toppers

Dakota Style Salad Toppers Crunchy and delicious roasted sunflower kernels available with honey roasted, zesty, or ranch seasoning. Available in 4 oz. bags.